About Our Company

One team behind successful startups across the globe with an accumulated valuation of $100+ million

We look for early-stage ideas to partner for their growth. We believe in creating innovative products and services to solve the actual existing problems through collaborations.

Being a part of several successful startups, we have deep experience in working and providing teach development services as a partnership. We collaborate to transform fragile idea in mind of founders into a fortunate product through funding. With our distinct delivery approach, tech talent, innovative strategy and business acumen, we’ve been able to support companies sailing from local to global within very short span of time.



Empowering Startups during Idea to MVP journey

Our exclusive Startup Services throughout inception stage of your concept.

Minimal Viable Product

Startupipteam not just help to develop MVP but brings innovations to ensure great success and let you excel in customer acquisition as well as getting funding.

Intellectual Property Portfolio

Patent, trademark are required at the very beginning and Startupipteam is adept at developing a strong commercially viable Intellectual Property Portfolio for your startup.

Business Growth

Offer enhanced technologies and business consultations to the new business ideas taking shape to reduce the threats of failure and in turn, increase their chances of getting a Goal.

Startups at

Seed Stage

Tripped over a great idea? We as a startup business growth company which help you in development of MVP along with business strategy which ensure your success in short span of time.

  • Product Innovation
  • Product Development
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Funding up to AUD 25000
  • Patent Portfolio Development
  • Brand/Trademark Protection Strategy

Having team spread
across UAE, India,
Canada, Australia,


We believe in innovation
which brings success

We work with startups in bringing innovations in their product,
strategy, understanding, learning from failures,
pivoting business models etc.


startup partnership

Let’s Collaborate to Conquer

We believe in working together and grow together and that’s why number of founders put faith on us.
We not just put our brains in your idea rather we take capital risk to ensure your growth.

Building innovative SaaS products in the following domains

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